LB ☆ WORKS Aventador - Unreal Engine cinematic with Raytracing
LB ☆ WORKS Aventador - Unreal Engine cinematic with Raytracing

This is the LB ☆ Aventador.
I wanted to make something special for this one and learn more about shaders,sequencer, and..raytracing ! Little did I know that I would spend hundred hours + figuring out everything.
Starting with the rain shader, a huge thanks to Ben Cloward for his Youtube videos that got me exactly what I needed. I hooked everything up to the Automotive Material shader and got some interesting results. I had the concept going at this point.
I know this was going to be challenging since I had to deal with the rain environment, and the cinematics with the rain do have a bit of noise to them unfortunately (probably due to the normals of my rain shader on top of the clear coat material with raytracing). Although this bugged me a lot, I was happy with the general mood of the scene.
I realized that going from static rendering from animation required a lot more effort in realism.
I will have some more experiments with automotive animation from now on, and keep improving the workflow.
For the animation, I used Craft Animations that provided me the best car physics.

Assets used : cityscape / Megascans / Kitbash3d Highway

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