Audi R8 2021 - UE4 RTX Full CG

Behind the scenes

Audi R8 2021 - UE4 RTX Full CG

Audi R8 2021 - Full CG Rendered with Unreal Engine 4.26 and raytracing. #RTXON

Here is my final cinematic of the Audi R8 in the streets of Paris with a little behind the scenes. As I miss home a little, I thought about capturing the mood of rainy nights in France, with an elegant but fierce supercar.

This is using full dynamic raytraced lighting, no baking.

The cobblestone pavement is a high density mesh with tessellation activated made with Quixel Mixer. Buildings are from Archmodels and assembled in UE4 with Datasmith.
The rain drops are done using a duplicate of the mesh, with an opacity map and normal map.
Car model courtesy of Squir.

See you soon for the next artwork !

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