Unreal Engine - Restaurant ICE Q Solden

Unreal Engine 4 - Restaurant ICE Q Solden

Unreal Engine - Ice Q restaurant - DYNAMIC LIGHTING

Unreal Engine 4 - Ice Q Restaurant VIEWPORT OVERVIEW

Unreal Engine - Restaurant ICE Q Solden

Some more archviz practice using Unreal Engine. I was very inspired by this restaurant situated in high altitude, with a unique architecture design. It was very challenging making an environment, especially a snowy one ! I couldn't exactly get what I wanted for the exterior and I still need to learn on landscape painting. World Machine gave me some good results for the Landscape Heightmap.
I focused on the interior since I know more about the techniques, and managed to get some very decent lightmaps in my opinion. I used the same settings as "Two Beams House" for baking lightmaps. I wish I could push the quality higher but it would require very powerful hardware.
Hope you like it !

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