Scandinavian Apartment - UE4 Archviz

Scandinavian Apartment - UE4 Cinematic

Scandinavian Apartment (2017) - UE4 Archviz


Scandinavian Apartment - UE4 Archviz

Another archviz project with UE4. This time, it was about achieving realism, and a change of style from modern decoration. I decided to inspire myself from a Scandinavian style apartment with some nice wall ornaments. Ever since I saw Benoit Dereau's Paris UE4 Archviz, I always wanted to push the limits out of Unreal Engine.
I have learned a lot since then, and especially about lightmaping and optimizing assets. 95% of the assets are lightmapped, and most of them were manually unwrapped to get a better GI result during baking and reduce artifacts.
I also used substance painter for a few assets to give some extra details and getting some edge dirt (Radiator,Chair etc).
All the cloth in the scene was simulated with Marvelous Designer.
The unit isn't fully completed and some rooms might not be shown in the video.

Hope you like it !

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